August 18th, 2015: Northern Illinois Supercells

Date: August 18th, 2015 Location: Abingdon, Channahon, Romeoville  Event: Several Supercells Summary: Decided to pull the trigger and chase a marginal day here across Northern Illinois. For the better part of the year I have been at the NWS office for bigger events, so this was a nice break to get back out in the field. Adam, Ricky Castro from NWS LOT, and I decided that Western Illinois saw the best potential for supercells and subsequently ventured out that way just after noon. We made Galesburg by 3 P.M. and started stair stepping storms. A few showed supercellular characteristics [shown below], […]

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April 9th, 2015: Severe Weather Forecast

Summary: Severe thunderstorms have the potential to form during the afternoon hours of April 9th across a good chunk of Northern, Central, and Western Illinois. While ingredients look favorable, the risk is not a definite to occur. Our atmosphere will be contingent on the evolution of showers and thunderstorms from the night before. Severe weather is progged to develop to our west Wednesday and move into the region by the overnight hours. This severe weather risk would mainly be in the form of large hail as elevated supercells develop and traverse the state. If these storms are progressive, our atmosphere is […]

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Understanding Our Severe Weather Risk

Good evening everyone, hope everyone is having a nice Easter holiday weekend. Our weather looks pretty decent for the next couple of days, but that all should change beginning as early as Monday night. With this post I am going to highlight what I look for when forecasting severe weather. This post itself is NOT A FORECAST, but will highlight some of the key things to look for as a novice or enthusiast. We’re going to start with some basics about that jet stream. The jet stream drives our weather very simply. The strongest winds aloft are found in the […]

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