Case Study: November 17th, 2013: A Perfect Setup For Disaster

November 17th, 2013: A day that resonates with so many of us across the great state of Illinois. Typically dates that are remembered in the weather world are not ones that bring on a positive connotation. With this paper I plan on giving an overview of the event, an in depth look at the meteorology behind it, a timeline of events, and also the efforts to restore the hardest hit areas back to normalcy. This type of severe weather episode could […]

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Case Study: Why I Didn’t Chase Super Outbreak II

This passage I am about to type is going to partially replay the events of a historically tragic tornado outbreak …. the likes of which may never be duplicated. In this piece I will overview the event, incorporate a timeline, interject my own thoughts, and discuss why I did not chase. Super Outbreak 2011. Overview: April 27th had many factors going against it on the onset of the day. What I most amazed is how those negative factors ultimately proved […]

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Training: Three Keys Toward Your Safety

A key to safety is being able to understand simple, but vital, terminology in the weather community. I don’t expect everyone to know the ins and outs of weather or to even understand some of the words that seem so basic to me. I hope by running my weather services that I can get my following to understand three basic concepts. The first concept is that everyone knows what county they live in. The second is to teach people where to […]

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June 16th, 2014: Nebraska Tornado Outbreak

Date: June 16th, 2014 Location: Stanton, Pilger, & Wakefield, Nebraska Event: Supercell & Violent Tornado Outbreak It was the last day of our mini-chasecation out to the Plains, more specifically Nebraska. We bunked with Stephen Jones and Kim Howell near the Sioux City, Iowa area and were awoken to morning convection that was severe warned. Adam being Adam, decided to run across the street to the casino just as warnings were being issued. I tried to contact him to come back […]

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May 31st, 2013: Tragic Central Oklahoma Outbreak

Date: May 31st, 2013 Location: El Reno, Mustang, & Tuttle, Oklahoma Event: Violent Supercell & Tornadoes I was hesitant to chase this day. I had to pull some strings at work to stay out and blow off a few obligations back in Chicago. The day looked marginal up until 12-18 hours ahead of the event. By morning, a moderate risk was out for much of Central Oklahoma. There was even talk of a potential high risk. Some well-known chasers were also […]

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May 20th, 2013: Devastating Moore, Oklahoma EF-5

Date: May 20th, 2013 Location: Moore, Oklahoma Event: Supercells & Violent EF-5  Summary:  A day that will forever live in memory. Started the morning in Ponca City after another successful chase yesterday. Our plan was to head south into the Oklahoma City metro area as a base location until things became clearer. We met up at Ben Holcomb’s place with several other chasers just after noon and monitored mesoanalysis. Things were primed across Central and Southern Oklahoma. The higher probabilities were to […]

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June 17th, 2010: Historical Minnesota Tornado Outbreak

Thursday, June 17th, 2010 I almost didn’t chase this day. Almost. Not because I didn’t want to, but because I had a family obligation on Friday, the 18th, at 7 P.M. My usual chase partner Adam Lucio and I talked about this set up for a couple days and decided it would be well worth the trip. However, I needed to make it a one day affair and he had plans of chasing multiple days in a row. Rather than […]

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May 22nd, 2010: South Dakota Tornado Outbreak

May 22nd, 2010 – Northern South Dakota Tornado Outbreak/Field Incident   We had been watching tCu for a little over an hour up to this point. Each updraft tower would reach higher into the sky before ultimately collapsing. Very discouraging since the main caveat to today’s chase was a pretty stout cap. We knew that IF a storm broke it it had the opportunity to go insane in an extremely favorable environment. As we were gassing up in Gettysburg, SD, […]

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