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About Danny Neal

Danny is a storm chaser from the southside of Chicago and has been chasing since 1998. He has over 100 tornadoes documented as well as numerous other extreme weather events. He routinely teaches and trains others about severe and unusual weather and is considered a great resource for Northern Illinois. As a partner with NOAA, he spends most of his time assisting the National Weather Service Chicago during severe weather operations

June 22nd, 2016: Deja Vu Part Two

Can lightning hit the same spot twice? What are the odds that a tornado hits your house one time in your lifetime? What about twice? The weather is one giant puzzle with patterns that meteorologists can sometimes decipher. What happens when a familiar pattern resurfaces? The event of June 22nd, 2016 across northern and central Illinois can best be described as deja vu part two. A hybrid of two significant events in our history. The event itself evolved like June 5th, 2010, but followed virtually the same paths as June 22nd, 2015. No, that is not a typo. Exactly one […]

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Reporting Severe Weather

Weather Events Although reporting criteria may vary slightly depending on the spotter network and local needs, these are the events the National Weather Service would like to know about as soon as possible: TORNADO FUNNEL CLOUD: Organized, persistent, sustained rotation WALL CLOUD: Organized, persistent, sustained rotation HAIL: Quarter size or larger – Report the largest size hailstone WIND GUSTS: 58 mph or higher – Specify estimate or measurement FLOODING: Flooding that impacts roads, homes or businesses. STORM DAMAGE: Damage to structures (roof, siding, windows, etc) Damage to vehicles (from hail or wind) Trees or large limbs down Power/telephone poles or lines down Damage to farm equipment, machinery, […]

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December 23rd, 2015: Illinois Supercells

Date: December 23rd, 2015 Location: Macomb, Illinois Event: Low-topped Supercells Summary: Adam Lucio and I teamed up and met Alec Scholten, Tom Purdy, and Brett Wright in La Salle. We headed toward the Macomb area to intercept rapidly developing and moving low-topped supercells. Ended up playing with many storms up and down the line. The one storm we thought looked most interesting visually we inexplicably wrote off and abandoned about 10 minutes before it produced a nice rope tornado that a few people were able to snag. Ended up being treated to a beautiful display of Nature’s beauty. Ate a […]

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Storm Chasing 2015

Twenty-fifteen was an interesting year for me. A lot of turnover and changes impacted my life, but one thing remained constant….. my love and desire to experience Mother Nature’s best and worst weather. At the beginning of the year I was approached by an individual employed by the National Weather Service Chicago, he offered me a unique opportunity to help out and further enhance my weather skills/knowledge by allowing me to join their social media team. I was also encouraged to apply for NOAA’s Weather Ready Nation Ambassador title with my work on my personal social media page. It was […]

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