Forecast: Looking Ahead Seven Days

     [January 15th. 2018 – 1:30 A.M.] Good snowy morning everyone. We are currently seeing a pretty decent clipper system pivot through the region this evening and overnight. Snowfall totals of 1-3″ are common across the Upper Midwest with amounts exceeding 4″ in portions of southwest Wisconsin. This weather maker should pivot on out of the region by mid day bringing another shot of cold, bitterly Arctic air down. Winter just wouldn’t be the same without this type of […]

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Blog: The “Perfect” Forecast

     Weather impacts our daily lives each and every day.  The fact that it is not taught more from elementary school through high school is a big problem. While that is a topic we will discuss another day, the overall theme is one I will expand upon.  I think a little bit more education as a child about the weather would have helped many adults prepare for and withstand the many elements we face daily.  Since that is not the case, let’s talk about what many believe to be as the individual that can make a “perfect forecast.”

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Blog: Ditching the Chaser’s Lifestyle

     Weather has always dictated my every decision. Since I was old enough to understand basic weather, not a day has gone by where I wasn’t infatuated by the elements. Through total and complete fear a deep respect formed of Mother Nature as I matured in age. This hunger to understand more about what makes our atmosphere tick has literally consumed my life. It wasn’t just basic weather that drove me. My hunger to understand and pursue severe weather […]

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Case Study: June 22nd, 2016: Deja Vu Part Two

Can lightning hit the same spot twice? What are the odds that a tornado hits your house one time in your lifetime? What about twice? The weather is one giant puzzle with patterns that meteorologists can sometimes decipher. What happens when a familiar pattern resurfaces? The event of June 22nd, 2016 across northern and central Illinois can best be described as deja vu part two. A hybrid of two significant events in our history. The event itself evolved like June […]

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Training: Reporting Severe Weather

Weather Events Although reporting criteria may vary slightly depending on the spotter network and local needs, these are the events the National Weather Service would like to know about as soon as possible: TORNADO FUNNEL CLOUD: Organized, persistent, sustained rotation WALL CLOUD: Organized, persistent, sustained rotation HAIL: Quarter size or larger – Report the largest size hailstone WIND GUSTS: 58 mph or higher – Specify estimate or measurement FLOODING: Flooding that impacts roads, homes or businesses. STORM DAMAGE: Damage to structures (roof, siding, windows, etc) Damage to […]

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Training: Is Your Community “Storm Ready?”

Having a partnership with NOAA’s “Weather-Ready Nation”, I am more inclined to look at ways to help counties, communities, and individuals become prepared and “weather ready.” Over the past couple of years, I have gone out and conducted basic weather safety classes and training to people of all ages. Recently I have decided to elevate my efforts and branch out into ensuring communities are “Storm Ready.” Some may ask what being “Storm Ready” entails. The purpose of the program is […]

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Training Video: Rotating Wall Cloud

Over the past couple of years I have submitted my video to the National Weather Service to use in their spotter training. Beginning last summer I ,also, began to go out on my own and teach civilians, public safety, and children on the ins and outs of severe weather. In this video I will outline what we are looking at and explain the key components of it. This video was shot from perfect position to illustrate where you, as a […]

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