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buy levitra online europe Severe Weather & Flooding Threat: November 28th-30th

Happy Thanksgiving everybody! Some weather news to talk about as we enjoy our holiday with our friends or family. I have been tracking a fairly impressive pattern for the past several days and it appears that a sizable storm system will be developing during the early portions of next week. We are at a volatile time of the year where old man Winter’s icy hand is battling an “Indian” Summer with above normal temperatures this Autumn. It’s a perfect breeding zone for cyclogenesis and that is what will most likely take place some time next week across the Plains. The […]

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Reporting Severe Weather

Weather Events Although reporting criteria may vary slightly depending on the spotter network and local needs, these are the events the National Weather Service would like to know about as soon as possible: TORNADO FUNNEL CLOUD: Organized, persistent, sustained rotation WALL CLOUD: Organized, persistent, sustained rotation HAIL: Quarter size or larger – Report the largest size hailstone WIND GUSTS: 58 mph or higher – Specify estimate or measurement FLOODING: Flooding that impacts roads, homes or businesses. STORM DAMAGE: Damage to structures (roof, siding, windows, etc) Damage to vehicles (from hail or wind) Trees or large limbs down Power/telephone poles or lines down Damage to farm equipment, machinery, […]

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